Step It Up

Step It Up motivates you to stay healthy by helping you track your daily steps, distance traveled, flights of stairs climbed, calories burned and making sure you hit your step goal each and every day. Step It Up is available for iPhone and Apple Watch.

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step it up

With Step It Up you can view your daily steps, distance walk/ran, flights of stairs climbed, and calories burned. Additionally, you can keep track of the number of steps you have taken in the past hour and set a goal to make sure you are staying healthy each and every day.

activity tracking

With Step It Up on your Apple Watch you can track your outdoor walks. Step It Up tracks your steps, heart rate, calories, while on exercising. Step It Up saves your walk to the Activity app helping you close your Move and Exercise rings while improving your experience tracking your exercise.


Step It Up has great accessibility support. Step It Up has the ability to track the number of wheelchair pushes and distance pushed throughout the day. Everything that works with steps on Step It Up also works with pushes. Lastly, Step It Up has support for VoiceOver and Dynamic Type throughout the app to ensure a comfortable experience.

Weight Tracking

Step It Up does more than just tracking your steps but also your weight. With an easy to read graph you can keep track of the ups and downs on your journey to a healthier you. Step It Up allows you to set a goal weight and enter you weight on iPhone and Apple Watch.