Step It Up 2.0

With the all new Step It Up for iPhone and Apple Watch. On iPhone you can now go back in time to view past days activity, track your weight, view and share past activities and much more. On Apple Watch you can track workouts on your Watch with the GPS, view more workout details than ever, and more.


go back in time

With Step It Up 2.0 you can now go back in time to few steps from previous days. Step It Up has no limits for how far back you can go, you can go back to yesterday or the first day you got your phone. Additionally, Weight tracking is back in Step It Up 2.0; to help you track your progress to a healthier life.


activity tracking

With Step It Up on your Apple Watch you can track your outdoor walks. Now in Step It Up 2.0 you can now use your devices GPS for more accurate distance travelled measurement, view your steps per minute and current pace, and enjoy an all new design that easier to see in bright sun light. Step It Up saves your walk to the Activity  app to help move your move and exercise rings along through your day. 



Every app should have the best support for every user, which is why Step It Up has great accessibility support. User’s who are in a wheelchair can track the number of pushes and distance pushed throughout the day. You can even track your outdoor pushes that are a walking pace using the Activity tracker included with Step It Up for Apple Watch. Additionally, Step It Up has support for VoiceOver and Dynamic Type throughout the app for users who may have vision difficulties.


Weight Tracking

Use Step It Up to not only track your steps and outdoor activities, but also your weight to help you feel like a healthier you. Now in Step It Up 2.0, you can track your weight and set a goal to stay active and fit. You can also use Step It Up on Apple Watch to enter your weight from anywhere, it'll sync to your phone automatically.

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