Step It Up Redesigned


After a lot of thought and hard work this summer, Step It Up for iPhone has been redesigned from the ground up. If you remember Step It Up used to have a graph of your steps for the each of the day, then I used a circle, similar to the one on the Apple Watch app. Now, Step It Up has no graphics to display your steps. Why? Well, in my opinion, the graph began to look old, dated and wasn’t really that useful. Instead, I wanted to make it easier to visualize your whole progress throughout the day. This is what led to the circle view, similar to the Activity app or the Step It Up Watch app. While this made viewing your progress throughout the day super simple, it looked cheap. So, today, I am announcing the new Step It Up design. Step It Up now displays just your raw data, in a beautiful layout. This lets you quickly see the information you care about, and get on with your day. Additionally, I have been thinking a lot about goals and daily activity. While goals are important, it is much more important to listen to your body and do what is healthy. Sometimes, not hitting your step goal is the healthy thing to do for a day or two, just don’t make it a habit. Which is why you now see much more information about averages. You should really make sure that your weekly average is above your goal. This would mean, most days, you’re hitting your goal and improving your health.

The weight tracker has also been redesigned, however, I am still not very pleased with that design. It turns out, it is very difficult to visualize your weight and display it in a meaningful way. Please keep looking for changes to the weight tracker, and give me feedback.

Finally, starting with this release, I will be aiming to release new updates every 2-3 weeks. I decided this after much thought this summer, the version I had been running all summer on my iPhone and Watch was so much better than the version on the App Store. I decided I do not want to wait for big features or to have a lot of changes to push out updates. Every 2 weeks is my goal, but if a few more days are needed for testing or development, 3 weeks is okay. This will allow users to have the best possible app, at all times. Some updates will be small, like super small, other updates will have some big changes. My ultimate goal is to provide you with the best app and remind you, that I am always working on Step It Up, even if it doesn’t look like it.

You can download the new Step It Up today on the App Store and you can upgrade to Step It Up Plus for $2.99 inside Step It Up.