Hey! iParked is Back!

Hey! iParked is Back!


So you may have noticed this past winter all of my apps besides Step It Up has been removed from the App Store. This is because I wanted to take time and refocus my energy on making great apps, not keeping up with customer emails, worry about making money, or being distracted by a bunch of apps. So I pulled every app besides Step It Up because that’s where I wanted to focus my attention to first. This past month I launched Step It Up 2.0 with some amazing new features, you should check it out

Now, while I do have new apps in the process of being built, I decided it was time to go back to iParked. While iParked has a small market and Apple integrated the idea into their Maps app, I decided there are still users out there who could benefit from the App. So iParked is now back on the App Store. I’m working on another redesign, much like what I did for Step It Up this spring. I think this redesign will make using the app faster, less buggy and more reliable. 

At this time, no further past apps will become available again. All of my energy is now directed iParked, Step It Up, and one new app (more on this in a few months). Of course, I’ll be taking advantage of some of the new features Apple has us with iOS 12 and watchOS 5. I’m especially excited to see what we can do with the new workout capabilities and Siri. Not only will I be focusing on new APIs from Apple, but also continuing my refinement of features in Step It Up and iParked: like accessibility.

Step It Up Infograph Complications Coming Soon