Addressing the new Bean's Bytes

You may have noticed that iScan, iParked, and Piggybank have been missing for about a month. You may have also noticed that the website has been missing for about a month. So what happened? Unfortunately, iScan was not bringing in enough income for it to be worth the cost and time to keep it online and updated. I decided towards the end of December that I would end iScan, iParked and Piggybank to focus on new apps that I've either been slowly working on or wanting to begin building.

By ending the development of these apps, Bean's Bytes can now become more streamlined and focused on more modern apps. I have a number of health and fitness apps planned for release during 2018, and I can't wait to share them with you later this year. Step It Up will continue to get updates indefinitely. I have an exciting update in the works for those of you who are hikers. Keep an eye out for those updates later this spring.

Have a great year,