Pine - Now Available for Testing


Today Bean’s Bytes is launching testing of a new app, Pine. Pine is a breathing exercise app. It is now available for beta testing via TestFlight. Pine is a new app which has a focus on a relaxing, easy to use design. In today’s constantly going and notification interrupted lives, Pine focuses on removing distractions from your world for a minute to help you ground yourself in the world and relax.

Pine has 5 different breathing exercises you can pick from, Relax, Simple, Energize, Box Breathing, and Sleep. Each one has different durations and breathing styles which Pine will walk you through. Each one has a description to help you decide what breathing exercise will help you most in the present moment. Additionally, Pine features a relaxing natural background while you’re breathing, all of which have been personally taken by me.

I am doing a public beta test via TestFlight of Pine for several reasons. The first being, as an app that is intended to help you relax the last thing you want to see is an ad. Therefore, Pine will be a paid upfront app in the App Store. I want to make sure that after you buy Pine you are delivered the best possible experience without any bugs or poor design. I’m asking the tester to determine what they think of Pine, what works and what doesn’t work, what needs more design work and what works great. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Secondly, even though Pine is not ready for the App Store yet, I want to get Pine in the hands of as many users as possible now. With that in mind, I decided that Pine as a beta would allow you to get access to a great and peaceful experience on your phone while helping look for bugs. Any feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated.

You can click on this link to begin testing Pine now.