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Intertime is a quick and easy to use interval timer for Apple Watch. Just set the amount of time you’d like to work for, the amount of time you’d like to rest for and go! Intertime provides haptic feedback and a chime every time you need to switch activities.

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About Intertime

Intertime is designed to stay out of the way of your workout and help you improve performance. Interval timers are great for athletes who are trying to improve their performance. Just enter the amount of time you’d like to rest and work for then you’re off.

  • Independent: Intertime is an independent app for your Apple Watch, no iPhone app is required.

  • Quick: Intertime is designed so all you have to do is enter the time you want to work and rest for. There is nothing else to set or worry about.

  • Feedback: When it’s time to switch activities Intertime will tap your wrist and provide a light chime to tell you time is up.

  • Skip Work: Intertime lets you skip the amount of time you’d like to work for to have Intertime just track your rest time. This is great for strength training and stretching.

  • Not a workout tracker: Intertime is not a workout tracker. Intertime knows you probably already have a workout tracker you love. Which is why it doesn’t try to replace your workout tracker. Just start a workout in your tracker, set the time in Intertime and go!