Announcing “Take a Moment”


Today, I am excited to introduce a new breathing exercise in Pine, Take a Moment. Take a Moment is a very simple exercise, where you just close your eyes and relax for a minute. There are no special instructions or breathing styles, it’s designed to just give you a minute to take a break and appreciate the day. I made Pine, because I believe that we spend way too much of our day being stressed by notifications and demands from our lives. This exercise is further progress towards helping you reach that goal.

Additionally, there are several other new features and bug fixes I would like to touch on quickly. First, there are new alternate icons for your iPhone’s home screen. You can now set Pine’s icon to have the background color of your favorite breathing exercise, or the color that best matches your taste. Secondly, there was a MAJOR bug causing Pine on the Apple Watch to be free for everyone, regardless of whether they paid for Pine Premium. It now checks if you have purchased, if not, just like on the iPhone, you can get the first two breathing exercises for free. Finally, Pine for Apple TV is also getting updated today. Pine for Apple TV adds “Take a Moment”, tvOS 13 support, and iCloud syncing.

All of these updates are available on your devices of choice. Pine Premium is 50% of until Wednesday, October 2nd, when it will return to $1.99 in the US App Store.

It was a busy summer for me, and I have no plans on slowing down!