Pine 2019.4 Now Available

Pine 2019.4 is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.  This update adds support for dark mode on iOS 13, a redesigned iPad app, and an independent Watch app, and iCloud Drive Sync.

Pine Dark Mode.PNG

Dark Mode

Pine now supports Dark Mode for iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad. I had a difficult summer while trying to add Dark Mode. Pine has a unique design, which made adding Dark Mode complicated. With Step It Up there was some little changes I had to make, but for the most part, I just had to recompile the code for iOS 13. However, since Pine has a unique design every aspect of the app had to be thought out and reimagined.


New Design

Dark Mode really got my creativity going, so I decided to make a new design for Pine on iPad. You will now see the list of breathing exercises to the left and the details of the selected exercise on the right.

Pine iPad.PNG

Independent Watch App

With watchOS 6 developers can now create independent watch apps, this means that you do not need to have Pine on your iPhone to have Pine on your watch. Starting today, you can now download Pine for your watch without the iPhone app. The Watch app is the same great app as before with one change. iCloud Drive sync. iCloud Drive will sync your breathing exercises to the cloud, so if you have an iPhone, the breathing exercise you completed on the Watch will show up in your profile. If you don’t have the iPhone version, but download it in a few weeks or month, all of your breathing exercises will appear.

iCloud Drive Sync

I touched on iCloud Drive Syncing in the Watch section, but iCloud Drive Syncing is available on all devices. If you breathe on your iPad, it will appear in your profile and vice versa. This all occurs at no cost to you and is seamless, you won’t even know it’s happening. 


Pine for Mac

Pine will be coming to the Mac later this fall. Pine for Mac is ready to ship for the Mac App Store, I am just waiting for the okay from Apple. Once Apple shares me details with us about macOS 10.15 Catalina, I will share my plans for Pine for Mac. Apple says Catalina will be available in October, so keep your eyes up.

A final note

I mentioned this in my earlier blog post about Step It Up 2019.4. I will now be aiming to release new versions of Pine every two to three weeks. This will improve the speed of new features for all of my users, and make sure you’re running the latest and greatest version of Pine. In the past, I may have had a great new version of Pine on my devices for weeks or months, before I felt that it had enough features to make an update, no more. This means you’ll receive smaller, but more incremental updates of Pine.

P.S. - Another quick thing to mention, Pine 2019.4 requires iOS 13. There were just too many changes in this update for iOS 13 that I had to drop support for iOS 12 today.