Thank You

While I was recently reviewing some statistics related to the entire existence of Bean’s Bytes, a thought occurred to me: While Bean’s Bytes is a very small company, a TON of you use my apps every day. Some of you use it to still listen to iScan, others use it for step tracking, and some use it to relieve their anxiety quickly and discretely with Pine. And every once in a while, someone plays The License Plate Game!

At age 16 I started writing these apps in the bedroom of my parents' house as a Junior in High School. I am now 25, living in an apartment with my girlfriend and still writing code. It is sometimes hard to realize and understand that real people with real lives will use this code to improve their lives. Which is why I would like to quickly say thank you. First, to those who have spent money on one of my apps before, thank you! It really is amazing to me these projects I work on receives finical support from you. Secondly, to all of you who use or have used one of my apps before, thank you! The fact that you use something I made regularly amazes me. Finally, to all of my friends and family. While I describe Bean’s Bytes as a one person company, the truth is without them, these apps would suck! My friends and family are always challenging me to be better, inspiring me with new ideas, and supporting me when the times are hard.

Seriously, to all of you thank you,


P.S. I cannot wait to share with you all what is next! Stay tuned next week for some previews of my fall updates!