Timely: An Independent Watch App


In June, one of the many announcement from Apple at WWDC, was that developers could now make independent Apple Watch apps. I’ve had a number of ideas for independent Watch apps I had been playing around with, but before June, they all had to have some kind of functionality on the iPhone. This was a major barrier for a lot of my ideas, because they would have been great Watch apps, but fairly useless iPhone apps. All of that will change later this year when watchOS 6 ships you’ll be able to download a Watch app that is not required to have a iPhone app.

Today, I would like to share with you my first independent Apple Watch App that I plan on releasing this fall: Timely. Timely is an interval timer for Apple Watch. Timely lets you set the amount of time you’d like to do some exercise (or work) for and then rest. Interval timers are very important for athletes who want to improve their performance. For example, lately I have been trying to increase my VO₂ Max. The best way to increase your VO₂ Max is to sprint ( or pedal really hard) for a few seconds and then jog/walk. With Timely, I can set my sprint time to 45 seconds and my rest to 2 minutes. Then, this interval will continue to cycle through my entire run, forty-five seconds sprinting, two minutes of resting and so on. Today I went for my typical bike ride, of roughly 11 miles. However, today I started Timely to run alongside Strava (My go to bike tracking app). Every 45 seconds I pedaled as hard as I could and then I coasted and relaxed for 2 minutes. Every 45 seconds or two minutes my watch would provide me different taps to tell me if I should be resting or working as hard as possible. Let me tell you, I am feeling it, it was such a different workout and I can feel such an improvement in my strength.


I will share more details about Timely in the coming weeks. Today, I will share some information:

  • Immediately, it will only be available for Apple Watch

  • It is NOT a workout app! New in watchOS 6 I can create an WKExtendedRuntimeSession which will allow Timely to remain in the foreground timing your intervals but not tracking you distance. This is because if you’re like me you love the workout app you already have, you just wish it could do intervals. I will not stop using Apple’s Workout app for running or Strava for biking because there’s an interval timer app. So I have designed Timely to run alongside, as a companion, to your typical workout tracker.

That’s all I have for now, if you’re interested in the app please let me know. I would love to hear other people’s ideas. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @beansbytes to stay up to date with the latest progress.

Best wishes,