Plans For This Fall’s Releases

Pine running in Dark Mode on iOS 13.

Pine running in Dark Mode on iOS 13.

Now that the dust has settled from WWDC and I have had time to take in all of the great announcements from last month, I would like to update everyone on my plans for my apps this fall. I think it will be important to address one big update this fall which is Dark Mode. I am pleased to say that all of my current apps on the store will support Dark Mode this fall. As you can see above, Pine already looks great in Dark Mode! I’m sure I will have tweaks here and there as the months roll on. Next, this past Spring I found myself increasingly annoyed with the state of Step It Up. Step It Up received an update addressing a lot of bugs, which unfortunately created more bugs. I had slowly began rewriting Step It Up, but was taking my time due to the amount of underlying code that needed to be rewritten. Then we got SwiftUI at WWDC. I have been very busy working on making Step It Up with SwiftUI. My hope is that SwiftUI will allow me to address those internal conflicts regarding the design of the app, while improving stability and reliability. 

SwiftUI will now allow for increasing cross-platform support, so for example, Step It Up on iPhone will finally have a tracker for your walks. I have been slowly working on a tracker for the iPhone since the Watch received a tracker a few years ago, but I never got around to finishing it. Thankfully, when I rewrite the Watch app for SwiftUI, I will be creating the iPhone version at the same time. A two birds, one stone kind of scenario. Secondly, SwiftUI will also give me the opportunity to make Pine for Mac, which was a project of mine this past Spring. Lastly, SwiftUI will give me the chance to bring a number of projects out of planning stages and into real life. I have a couple of new potential apps for the Watch and one for the iPhone that I am currently working on and plan to release later this year.

So what’s happening in the fall?

My plan is to update Step It Up and Pine on the first day of iOS 13 being available to everyone. As for Step It Up, am not sure if this will be the old version, with some minor changes and Dark Mode or the new versions written in SwiftUI with major changes. 

Depending on whether the major changes are ready I will either release the new SwiftUI version of Step It Up when iOS 13 is released. If the new version of Step It Up is not yet ready, I will ship the old version with iOS 13 support. I do not want to rush the new version and want to make sure it will be great.

Once I am further along on those updates, I will then release the new iPhone app and the new Watch app. I plan to share more details on these in the coming weeks as September gets closer.

If you’re a developer running iOS 13 or on the iOS 13 Public Beta and would like to test the new Step It Up and Pine click on the following links to sign up for the TestFlight.

Have a great rest of your summer everyone,


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