Hey, where did Step It Up go? (It's back)

So... this is embarrassing! On Wednesday I released an update of Step It Up to add support for independent watch apps on watchOS 6 and make some small changes on the iPhone. In the process, I also planned to only support watchOS 5.0 and later. This is where the story gets crazy.... I clicked on watchOS 6 or later!! Not watchOS 5 or later! Thankfully, a bunch of users have reached out to inform me that Step It Up is missing from their watches. I thought, “Man, a lot of people were running watchOS 4, does anyone update their watches?” Turns out, they do and I suck. I am so sorry for the trouble this may have caused you. As I am typing this Step It Up 2019.6 is In Review by Apple with support for watchOS 5. If you reached out, thank you for being concerned and kind for letting me know. We’re all human and make mistakes now and then, I’m glad I could get this one fixed quickly!

Best Regards,